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**We are in the process of updating our online catalogue. During this time some information about our collections may be out of date. If you have a question about the online catalogue, please contact museums@ucl.ac.uk for further information.**
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The Grant Museum of Zoology Online Catalogue

Robert Edmond Grant

What is the Catalogue?

This is the searchable catalogue of the specimens held by the Grant Museum of Zoology. To start searching right away, click on 'Search' above

The Museum is home to a large and diverse collection of zoological specimens and artefacts, collected since Robert Grant founded the Museum in 1827. More information about the museum itself can be found at the Grant Museum homepage.

Completeness of the Catalogue

The catalogue is an ongoing work in progress, and currently records for around twenty-five percent of the Grant Museum collection are available to search here. Documentation of the collection is continuous and the web catalogue is frequently updated.

The level of information for each specimen varies, some parts of the collection are documented in detail but most of the records only have basic information.

Specimen images will be added to the database in due course and a number of digitisation projects are planned to increase the percentage of specimen illustrations online.

Physical Access to the Collection

Approximately five percent of the Grant Museum collection is displayed in the museum. The rest of the collection is held in storerooms and labs which have restricted access. Stored materials are often used in events and activities but will not be readily accessible during normal opening hours.

However, the museum does welcome research enquiries. Details of admission to the museum and contact for research enquiries can be found on the Grant Museum research page.

A Note on Taxonomy

Due to the age of the collection and the fluid nature of biological taxonomy a number of specimens may be recorded under synonyms, sister terms or old names. The taxonomy is under constant review but any expert feedback is welcomed.

Human Remains

Although the Museum does house a small collection of human remains, these specimens are currently being re-catalogued to conform to the UCL policy on human remains and so have not been published at the present time.


All images (except where specifically noted) and text in the Grant Museum online catalogue can be used under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license. You may share and remix these items provided that you do not do so for commercial purposes, that you attribute The Grant Museum of Zoology UCL, and that if you distribute these items you do so under the same or a similar license. For additional information and full license text see http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/

For permission to use items for commercial purposes please contact the museum at zoology.museum@ucl.ac.uk.


Items in this catalogue were digitised with kind assistance from:

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